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Learning programs, workshops, suites

Short workshops and extended learning programs


To develop or fine tune a very specific skill set a short workshop can be very effective. 

When developing a wider skill set or when seeking to develop a wider range of behaviours, effective learning and development often requires an initiative incorporating a series of interactions (workshop modules and/or coaching meetings) delivered at agreed intervals.


This approach enables project based or action based learning in the intervals and can be supported by facilitator follow-up and email or text message prompts to participants.


Leadership Development initiatives are very often structured in this way

Leadership development


Our leadership development programs are evidence based and are designed around specific client needs. We provide tailored programs at different leadership levels.

Transformational Leadership assessment 360


We offer internationally verified MLQ Transformational Leadership research to assess leadership performance.


This allows people to identify the most important leadership behaviours to focus on in order to have the biggest impact on performance. 


It provides them with the opportunity to benchmark their individual leadership profiles against world best practice.


Short core skill and behaviour workshops

As indicated earlier, individual and team performance can often be boosted by carefully designed short workshops focusing on specific skill sets such as conflict resolution, effective business writing, coaching and feedback skills and project management.


We design or tailor specific workshops to meet organisational needs. Workshop duration can vary from a few hours to a few days.

Integrated suites of workshops

For corporate training calendars, or to meet a wider need, these short workshops can be combined into integrated suites covering a range of different skill and behaviour areas.


This allows you to avoid the risk of unintended duplication of content and provides linked workshops which facilitate learning by employing a consistent vocabulary, cross referencing and reinforcing key content and messages


An integrated suite may, for example, contain workshops to build key skills in:

  • Influencing and negotiating

  • Planning and organising

  • Self management

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Conflict resolution

For managers and staff from different cultures


For managers and staff newly arrived in Australia we provide workshops and coaching to accelerate adjustment to Australian workplace culture.

Sample Workshop Outlines


To see a sample of some core skill workshop outlines, please click on the icon below.


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