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Customer views

What do our customers say?

"Some years ago, David Finn, now Director of Alignments Australia, first supported the development of Toyota Supervisors, Managers and Leaders, developing an intimate knowledge of our culture and business to which he readily adapted, relating strongly to each member and their journey within our business.


More recently, Alignments Australia designed, developed, and ran specific programs to support Managers in recognising and communicating the capabilities they possess, and helped prepare them for their transitions to the future beyond Toyota.


Their work was rated very highly by all managers attending their workshops".

Doug Rickarby

Managing Director, Principle Guide

Gemba Guides Pty Ltd



“I’ve been with 4 different businesses in 14 years and Alignments Australia has featured highly in each one – each situation has been very different and the outcomes all above expectations from both participant and business perspective. 

They offer a thoughtful approach to the needs of the business, the approach is matter of fact, no nonsense, no bulldust – it’s all about what you do with the knowledge the moment you get back to work. 

Quickly moves people on to the next level of thinking, provides flexible delivery options and ongoing support.”

Phil Dwyer

Manager People & Culture
South Gippsland Shire Council



“I engaged Alignments Australia to develop my teams in two distinctly different organisations.

In each of these organisations the impact was significant and very quick; they were more productive and more organised, they worked more cohesively, they were more customer focused and, importantly, they were much happier at work.

I have no hesitation in recommending Alignments Australia to other organisations as I found their approach to be people friendly and hence very effective.”

Colin Holland

Chief Financial Officer
Blue Cross Community and Residential Services


"We commenced working with Alignments Australia nearly three years ago. Without doubt staff started off as sceptical and reluctant to engage. 

Within a very short time they were switched on to the training and enjoying the process. The very practical down to earth style appealed to everyone and generated a very positive response from staff. 

The success of the sessions quickly convinced us to extend the reach of the program to other areas and the same success was achieved there.”

Mark Lawrence

Executive Director Finance and Performance 
Western Health


"Alignments Australia listen to their customer’s requirements and clearly align programs, training and ongoing support, with that of the development strategy of the organisation. 

Our investment with Alignments Australia in the development of our people has certainly matured into effective ongoing communication, leadership, and change management. This has increased our customer satisfaction and resulted in increased sales for our organisation. 

The Alignments Australia philosophy of working in partnership with our company and our people is a key benefit to the ongoing development of our people and the culture of our organisation.”

David Duncan

Senior Vice-President Asia Pacific
SICK Pty Ltd 



“We appointed Alignments Australia to design and deliver workshops tailored to the specific needs of disparate groups within our research institute. 

Their ability to engage with all members provided for very successful interactions and facilitated positive and observable changes within the groups. 

Excellent results.”

Virginie Hoareau

General Manager Institute of Frontier Materials
Deakin University


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