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Gemba Guides - Building Lean Organisations


Alignments Australia is a partner on Lean learning and development issues with Gemba Guides, a specialist consultancy staffed by managers with many years of implementing Lean, both in the organisation which invented it (Toyota) and in related businesses.

Through this relationship we have access to an unparalleled depth of hands-on experience in the implementation of Lean in the Australian workplace.


The team at Gemba Guides have not been talking about driving world's best practice, in Lean, they have been doing it, and doing it successfully, for a number of years.


This means our clients can now learn about building Lean cultures not only from experienced facilitators, but also from experienced operational managers who have used their skills to successfully transform significant areas of business. 







Corporate Plus


Corporate Plus specialises in the application of DISC behavioural profiling for business consulting and training.


Services include DISC accreditation training and application of DISC behavioural & aptitude profiling for:

  • Recruitment, Appraisal, Training & Development

  • Business & Organisational Consulting

  • Human Resource Management.

This relationship assists us in providing in depth expertise on all matters relating to DISC profiling and easy access to DISC accreditation training.





















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