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What we do

We improve performance

We improve performance by providing tailored and purpose designed learning and development initiatives. These are supported by a range of expert consultancy services.


We go beyond the transfer of knowledge to generate real world application of learning,  supporting people in achieving positive, sustainable results.

We help individuals, teams and organisations to learn, develop and grow. 

We provide
  • Customised and purpose built leadership development: leadership development initiatives tailored or specifically designed to organisational needs.

  • Communication, influencing and negotiating training: practical skills and research based insights to have an immediate impact on performance

  • Team building initiatives: supporting the development of high performing teams for improved engagement and effectiveness

  • A range of core skills workshops: customised and delivered in a range of formats, from multiple days over a period of weeks or months, to half-day or two-hour sessions.

  • Integrated suites of workshops:  series of related workshops using common vocabulary and formats allowing you to provide consistent, integrated development programs.  

  • Individual coaching initiatives: to target specific improvement opportunities for individuals.

  • Value adding consultancy services: a range of consultancy services including culture change support, leadership assessment, psychometric profiling, individual job/match assessment, facilitation.

Core skills workshops


All workshops are designed to rapidly improve 'real world' performance and provide

the opportunity to develop a wide range of interconnected skill sets.


These include:

  • ​Coaching skills

  • Conflict management

  • Change management

  • Creative problem solving

  • Customer focus and customer service

  • Dealing with difficult customers

  • Delivering persuasive presentations

  • Effective business writing

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Key influencing strategies

  • Managing key relationships

  • Managing different personalities

  • Motivating and developing others

  • Performance management strategies

  • Planning, organising and project management 

  • Problem solving and root cause analysis

  • Project management essentials

  • Resilience and stress management

  • Self awareness

  • Stress management

  • Team facilitation techniques

  • Teamwork and team effectiveness

  • Time and priority management

  • Working with different people - using DISC behavioural profiles

  • Working with emotional intelligence 


Individual coaching and mentoring 


One on one coaching is one of the most powerful methods of rapidly accelerating personal development.


Working with qualified and experienced coaches gives people the chance to pause, reflect and develop new approaches in a confidential 'stretch' environment.

Our coaching projects vary from assignments of 8-12 weeks to longer executive programs lasting 6-12 months.

Value adding consultancy services

We provide a range of related consultancy services. This allows you to access additional expertise and resources quickly and cost effectively.

  • Business planning facilitation 

  • Career development and transition support

  • Competency analysis

  • Culture change support

  • Dispute resolution

  • Employee engagement strategy 

  • Individual/job match assessment

  • Industrial relations support

  • Instructional design

  • Leadership assessment 360

  • Organisational structure review

  • Organisation values facilitation

  • Performance management process review

  • Position description development

  • Strategic learning and development planning

  • Succession planning

  • Individual behavioural profile analysis (DISC behavioural profiling)

To get in touch


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